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Vacuum Tables - Videos

View our machining video using one of our vacuum tables to produce a bottom plate for a new vacuum table out of solid, cast aluminum, tooling plate.

View a machining video doing the final cutting process to create a new vacuum table bottom plate.

View a video of our GAL Series Vacuum Table in action!

As you will notice, there are several vacuum holes still open while it mills this piece of aluminum.

View a video of our GR Series Vacuum Table.

View a video of one of our Vacuum Tables being used to lift 1,000 lbs. In this video you will see one of our Vacuum Tables that has been attached to a fork lift sleeve so it can be hung upside down from a forklift.

An aluminum plate that has an eye-hook is placed on the Vacuum Table surface and attached by vacuum using a Vacuum Pump you can see on the floor. The container full of anything that could be found to add up to 1,000 lbs. Is then suspended in the air merely by means if vacuum.